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Immagine200x280 My name is Nicola Fragale, I am a Software Engineer graduated at "Federico II" University of Naples, with a dissertation on Linux embedded systems with the title: "Realizzazione di un sistema Linux embedded per applicazioni critiche". (Implementation of a Linux embedded system for critical applications)


From November 2011 I am working for 0Infinito, a dinamic sofware house, as senior software engineer. I am working on Android framework. I have implemented three probes (Java and native (ndk) c/c++ code) for Android Telecom Italia's mobile devices


From June 2011 to November 2011, I was consultant for Stato Maggiore della Difesa, Comando Interforze C4

From november 2009 to June 2011 I worked as consultant for Selex-SI, on CARDAMOM. CARDAMOM is an enterprise middleware for next generation mission and safety critical systems which is being developed by Seles-SI and THALES. It will  supporting next generation Air Traffic Control, Combat Management, and Airborne systems.

From 2008 to 2009 I worked as consultant for MBDA missile system, in IRAD (Internal Research And Development). MBDA is a world leader in missiles and missile systems, is a multi-national group with over 10,000 employees in France, United Kingdom, Italy and Germany. In  IRAD, I was included in the team that deals with the implementation of the Finmeccanica's Linux distribution, a Gentoo derived Linux distribution. I worked especially on the setup/install procedure. I was also involved in manteinance and updating the kickstarts of some projects  and with the installation/administration of those projects.


From 2001 I am collaborating with the FSF, developing an address book manager, Rubrica. I have developed  two GTK+ applications released under the term of GNU GPL, Rubrica and Dispatcher.
Here is a brief descriptions of those softwares, implemented in C, they uses GTK+ (glib, gobject), XML.


From december 2001 to agoust 2003, I have collaborated with the Pluto Journal, first as columnist, writing some articles on GTK+/GNOME programming (pluto journal's numbers: 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39) and then, from n° 36 (april 2002), as redactor too.

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